Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Present From A Leghorn, The Gift of Eggs

What a beautiful present from one of our four Leghorns. I believe in Christmas elves, and in this case, I'm wondering if an elf or ostrich snuck into the hen house and deposited this humongous gift. Photos don't do it justice, it's about 1/3 larger than any of the other eggs. The egg carton won't even close! Don't know if this is an anomaly or if we can expect more colossal deposits in the future. Either way I feel for the hen who laid this one.

Today is the first day one of the chickens decided to come check out our pantry. Maybe she feels that since she left us a nice gift she's now entitled to house privileges?

It's been an egg-stravaganza here lately and we've been able to gift 4 dozen eggs so far and still have plenty for everyday use.

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