Sunday, December 12, 2010

All hens, old and new, survived the night together in the coop. The new girls spent the night on the floor, as expected since they didn't have a roost in their former home. However, first thing this morning Pretty Girl, our most gorgeous of Blue Lace Red Wyandottes, drop kicked one of the newbies in passing. It's an interesting study watching the integration of two flocks. Our flock did very little posturing and their pecking order most always is barely visible. I really couldn't tell you who was top hen. That said, it seems our most docile, lower-end-of-the-pecking-order chicks are the ones showing the most aggression.  Again this morning the two flocks are keeping their distance.

Pretty Girl (a.k.a. Drop Kickin' Chicken)

Dora and Pretty Girl in Stare Down. The lowest in the pecking order vie to keep their spots!
After talking yesterday to Tom, our chicken guru, we're medicating the new girls just to be safe that they are not carrying any pathogens. They dined first thing today on rice, yogurt, and hamburger...breakfast of champions! Here's hoping time and good rations will help nurse these ladies back to decent form, and not at the expense of our "pet" chickens.

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