Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chicken Giving

Our Homely Little Barred Rock (We're Disappointed That We'll Never Find Out If She's Really a Dwarf or Will Grow Into That BIG Head)

He & She Barred Rocks
The opportunity to help a neighbor's friend presented itself yesterday. The chickens were free ranging out in the street again and he came across to let us know there was a new dog out and about and it may not be safe for a chicken. After chatting a bit we learned that his friend had recently lost his only hen leaving his rooster despondent, wondering away from home. He asked if he could buy one of our leghorns to give to the lonely rooster. After a few minutes of debate about whether or not it would be OK to separate one of our spoiled girls we decided that this opportunity presented itself to us to help someone else (or someone's rooster) and perhaps that was no coincidence. We offered up any or all of our older girls, gratis, thinking maybe they'd be better off going as a package. He really only needed one, and decided quickly on the one barred rock. So off she went, hopefully to as nice a home as she'd had the short time she was here.

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