Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why The White Bird Has Become My Friend

The latest weekend morning grub for the girls is a mix of 1 part organic oat groats, 1 part organic plain yogurt and 1 part shredded apple. The reason for the recipe: One of the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes took her molt to an extreme which made her look 1/3 her original size and worried me a little since this is my first fall for fowl and not completely knowing what to expect. The absence of eggs clued me in and although I continued my daily egg hunt for weeks, I still came up empty. Egg laying ceased some time in September which seemed way too early, but when one of the (affectionately named) evil step sisters became a shadow of her former self I finally came to understand that the change in season has a profound effect on these ladies. Long story short, after googling (new word for researching) molting, chicken dietary needs, etc. I learned that they need extra protein to create new feathers which are pretty much all protein. Yogurt is a good and much appreciated source and the reason why our 4 beautiful white, formerly shy skittish ladies are now flying atop the gate within inches of our countenance looking for their porridge in the whites of our eyes. Even the blessed blueberries didn't have this effect. Extreme molts call for extreme measures.

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