Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fruits of the Forest, Feast For the Family

The illusive bloom
The transportation
The bounty
Chanterelle, goat cheese, carmelized onion pizza
chanterelles in creme sauce with pasta, parmesan, chicken

Last week we hit the jackpot in our newfound hobby, foraging for fungi. We found enough to enjoy two meals of which chanterelles were the centerpiece. Night #1 they were sauteed in butter, wine and finished off with heavy cream, added to pasta with carmelized onions and grilled free range organic chicken. Night #2 got even better: pizza topped with olive oil, chanterelles sauteed with thyme, butter, olive oil and again carmelized onions, a smattering of roasted red bell peppers, and local favorite, Cypress Grove goat cheese. One reviewer claims it was "de best pizza ever" :-). Apparently the delicate chanterelles are best sauteed in fats like butter and creme...brings out their unforgettable forest floor flavor. I can't decide which was more enjoyable, the hunt or the feast.

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