Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Duck from Daisy and Buck

Local Tom Struttin' His Stuff(ing) on the Arcata Bottoms


Thanksgiving has come and gone and there is much to be thankful for. A house full of family, good food, and many hands keeping the woodstove aflame, making the bread, dressing the turkey, and making emergency trips to the store for last minute (for)gets.

We dined on organic turkey but the big fun was a locally raised duck from a neat young couple, Ash and David, otherwise known as Buck and Daisy (, who are making a go of raising ducks and rabbits. The duck was hands down the crown jewel of the feast. Pekin (as opposed to Muscovy) is the fatty duck most of us novice duck devourers are acquainted with. We stuffed her full of oranges, onions, and herbs from the garden and made a l'orange sauce that made the duck dance in our mouths. It was out-o-this world.

So this holiday gave me pause to consider not only what I'm grateful for (that was easy, they were all around me) but also the thought that next year we will have our own Naragansett turkey raised with our second batch of chicks. Per Ash and David, they are the sweetest of fowl...the only ones that didn't run or hide upon first encounters with human touch. Now one of us has to get OK with the "processing" part. It probably won't come easy, but studying under Ash and David may help to cushion the impact.

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