Saturday, January 29, 2011


We're deep into dog training with the shock collar. Shocking, I know, that people like us would resort to this, but it's a matter of life and death for our hens, so.....

Training has been wearing us all down. Cosmo has become chicken-obsessed and there are times the collar doesn't seem to dissuade him from his obsession. Sunday training seemed to be going really well when all of a sudden he took off at a dead run from across the yard, making a bee-line for one chicken who had isolated herself from the flock. Standing on the shock button couldn't have stopped him, but finally, at the last minute, he turned from his intended prey just after they disappeared behind a pile of debris in the yard. I was fully expecting to see a rain of feathers from behind the pile. I don't know what changed his mind at the last minute....maybe the shock was finally too much to bear. Now every time he goes out, he's searching fervently for the sight or scent of the object of his obsession. So, I'm zapping him now just as soon as he places his gaze on a girl for more than just a passing moment. Ugh, this is not fun.

Meanwhile it is hard to concentrate on any of the chores of creating peraculture here. Today was seedling planting day and a few actually got planted, wonder of wonders. The rain is beating down now and so training is over for now. Tomorrow it is up Up UP with the intensity on the collar. We're going on two weeks and not enough progress for my liking.

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