Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Gift a Swarm


After a first attempt of relatively unsuccessful bee keeping and much internal debate wether or not to try again this year, a swarm landed in our garden. The packaged bees we purchased last year swarmed 3 times. In each swarm we failed to find a queen, inevitably leading to the demise of the hive. Also, leaving the only queen right hive too few in numbers not to have succumbed to the first frost. We were not alone. Success at keeping a hive over the winter was few and far between in the local bee circles e run in. Though those circles are small there still was not much to feel positive about where bee keeping is concerned. So the debate went, do we buy a $95 dollar package and give it another go, despite all of the potential roadblocks for the modern apiarist, or do i just wait for a swarm??? if we bite the bullet, spend the money, the worst case scenario is we pollinate the neighborhood, get a little honey and a few bee stings. Well, bee purchasing day at the university came and went. After that i only halfheartedly inquired about where i can locally purchase a package, the decision was made... i wait for a swarm... and a swarm did come... right into our lap... Actually, the top of the quince bush in our garden. it was truly a gift...

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